Recycle Equipment

Tire Recycle Equip

Passenger Tire Debeader


Place a Wolverine debeader at the front of your process line to gain the many benefits of early wire removal.

Load tires on the conveyor with the same people normally required to supply the shredder. The crew may place tires side by side or spaced out. The system adjusts for uneven or reduced tire flow. Different size auto and light truck tires (145R12 to 265/75R16 and most 17's) may be loaded interchangeably. The cyclic rate when full supplied is in excess of 400 tires per hour.

Both units remove two beads simultaneously and pulls them through hardened steel die plates to strip most of the surronding rubber. The tire is counted as it is discharged on to the shredder feed conveyor. The bead wires drop on to a belt conveyor for removal from either side.

Each unit is controlled by a PLC or programmable logic controller and powered by a electro-hydraulic motor-pump set. The electrical system is NEMA 4 rated and further protected for wash down or outside operation. Rain water in the tires is not a problem. All wear parts are in stock and may be replaced on the unit within minutes.

Truck Tire Debeader - rips out wire bead from Heavy Truck tires

Light Truck Tire Debeader - rips out wire bead from Passenger Tires

Rubber Mixer - mix/prepare crum rubber for molding

Rubber Fine Grinder - breaks rubber material down

Shaker Table - sizes the material for molding

Conveyor - conveys material

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